Make the Party Live (Feat. Randy Mason)

by Jupiter 7

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"Make the Party Live" came to life during J's COVID-19 home quarantine along with a host of other new material. MTPL is part of a special collection of tracks that feature jazz influenced/boom-bap production and stylings from the 90's era of Hip-Hop. The single also features Bronx Emcee Randy Mason who blesses the mic with his signature smooth and intricate word-play.


INTRO Chorus:
Make the party live
Make you feel alive
It's goin to be alright
Morning, noon, and night (repeat 3x)

Make the party live (4x)

Randy Mason Verse 1:
I handle letters like Fedex and UPS
Put words together for the betterment of who we rep
Salute respect, the roots be truly blessed
From the Griot, to bebop, to beatbox, to Pete Rock
Now we got the light like Umi Said
With a light that's brighter than a movie set
What I jot so hot make a ruby sweat
So these techniques and tools are to be kept
Wield words like weapons diffuse the threats
I'm true BX and I ain't need a tooly yet
Uzis tecks for those who never knew these steps
So we bring it to the school to let the youth be next
To write rhymes, that do be fresh and do refresh
Rhymes, to reflect and to reset
I rhyme, while I work and through recess
I'm in too deep as the blue see gets, yes

So while I walk through the valley
I'm a kick a verse so long as the Lord Tarry
Shall we?
Throw your hands in the sky
and wave them side to side from New York to Cali

Repeat Chorus:

Jupiter 7 Verse 2:
It took some time realize, that it’s so hard to be alive 
and that’s why I just vocalize to make your mark like notarize 
Ain’t no surprises, like the setting and when the sun rises,
Love being myself with no rap disguises 
Enterprises, is my next resort I must contort, 
Rhymes until they form some type of weapon meant for brutalizing 
Utilize skill from the creator flip the cross fader
From here to Jamaica, rock it hard like I was Darth Vader
I’m with the rebels fighting evil on a deeper level
Can’t defeat the echo of the righteous need that bass and treble 
Plus that Heavy mental, gotta get them beans and lentil 
Ain’t time to settle, keep it hot like a kitchen kettle
Clinch my fist and turn up all the mic levels
Equivalent to shots busting through all types of metal 
I got a team vexing flexing pushing on them pedals
Ayo my man Randy Mason thank you for that something special

While we keep on living
Lets appreciate everything God's given
And like this joint that's fly
I'm sending mad love from Cali to NY

Repeat Chorus


released May 12, 2020
Beat Produced by: Larry Ewings (Jupiter 7) for J7 Productions
Co-Produced by: Cameron Moberg (Camer1), Alexey Dolotov (Doloto)
Mixed by: Larry Ewings (Jupiter 7) for J7 Productions
Mastered by: Landr (
Cover Art by: Larry Ewings (Jupiter 7) for J7 Productions
Lyrics Written by: Larry Ewings (Jupiter 7) and Randy Mason

Special Guest Appearance by: Randy Mason (

All Guitars & Beat Production by: Larry Ewings (Jupiter 7) for J7 Productions)
Live Bass by: Esteban Warren of Into the Pacific (


all rights reserved



Jupiter 7

JUPITER 7 is a Bay Area Underground MC with an eclectic catalog of soulful beats and golden-era lyricism. Known for mixing metaphors, spiritual undertones, and street life commentary, J7 packs a no-holds-bar approach to Hip-Hop music in the same vein as artist such as Mos Def, Common, and Pharoahe Monch. ... more

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