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Retrospect is the second full length project between hip-hop artist Jupiter 7 and Belarus beat maker Mistapool. The duo first teamed up back in 2010 through the beauty of myspace, and originally agreed to work on a few remixes from J's earlier albums. Those remixes soon turned into the release of a successful album titled, Mistapool & Jupiter 7. Retrospect is a continuation of that creative success and reflects to the past for verbal aspirations and sonic landscapes.

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released December 8, 2015

Written and Produced by: Jupiter 7
Beat Production by: Mistapool
Engineered by: Doloto & Jupiter 7 @ Soulstudios - Hayward, CA
Mixed & Mastered By: Brandon Greene of Legupmusic2 - Buffalo, NY

Guest Appearances by:
OD the Wordsmith of Lyrical Opposition
Big P of BQM
Dirt of Shadow of the Locust
Applejaxx of the Outsiders
Charito Soriano of Astalogik
Camer1 of War Tour Collective
Van Go
Ricky Antonio
Veronica Ewings



all rights reserved


Jupiter 7

JUPITER 7 (simply meaning: growing into completion) is a Bay Area Emcee striving to preserve the sanctity of hip-hop with an eclectic blend of soulful beats and golden-era lyricism. With a knack for mixing metaphors, spiritual undertones, and street life commentary, J packs a witty no-holds-bar approach to hip-hop music in the same vein as artist such as Mos Def, Busta Rhymes, and Pharoahe Monch. ... more

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Track Name: Do That
Let’s take it back, way back
To when I was a young cracker jack
Poetically influenced, looking through the cracks of a culture
To peep a fine specimen named Hip-Hop
She stole my heart. She gave me a voice
And the story goes a little something like this…

[Verse 1]
You know you had me at day one
Couldn’t wait to see you cuz you got my heart chasing
We would make sweet melodies in all
Summer and the spring plus the winter and the fall
There really was no stopping us now
I would love to show you off in front of the whole crowd
And they would scream straight reaching for you
I would kind of get jealous not thinking it through
Didn’t matter at the time you’re melody and rhyme
The reason that I shined you could see it in my eyes
You taught me how live life and voice my problems
All you wanted was my feelings and every time you got’em
Had this rush of adrenaline I’m telling you it’s awesome
On the top of the world having dreams of us flossin’
But then it all came tumbling down
Found me buried in the avalanche screaming out loud, sayin’

Why did you have to take my soul? How could you leave me down here?
Don’t you know that I’m all alone? With all my pain and all these fears?
The only thing I want to know whoa…
How could you do that huh? (2x) Why would you do that love? How could you do that huh?

[Verse 2]
…Oh yeah, now I get it
Money in the bank got you looking all suspicious
Guess them talks that we had went swimming with the fishes
And the love we was making turned sour not delicious
I guess it’s true when it comes to slim pickens
That we got to take our time and use our intuition
…But I was lost straight moving at light speed
My love went cold and it made that road icy
But now I think I got my grip again
Speak my heart without a care just like a simpleton
Got plans and a purpose I can implement
Use my feet and my hands to build in increments
Got a vocal tone speaking so intimate
All praise to the Creator who be in-fi-nite
Hip-Hop was my lover now my in-stru-ment
To do what I tell it like a lig-a-ment, c’mon!

I was a slave, but now I am set free
You see, these chains are no longer custom fit to me
I’ve been redeemed, emancipated, and released from captivity
I am free to roam as I please
I’m not a robot or a puppet on a string
I have no affiliation with this industry
Track Name: Wild West (Featuring: OD the Wordsmith)
[Verse 1]
You got that wop-bob-a-lo-bop but got bamboozled
Cuz gangsters round here handle their business as usual
Too many cats wanna to play hard but can’t sizzle
They fire stay dim and their carbon won’t fizzle
Like don’t try fronting bro without extra cargo
Cuz real cats will laugh in your face like Rick Ricardo
The code of the streets really mean you gotta eat
By any means, you no what I mean, you’re raw meat
Whether you west coast riding or you east coast viben
The only difference is, is which coast you going to die in
Honest to God who you think you really be
An invincible planet or a stupid human being
Cuz bullets ain’t caring despite what you think
But your life can be gone in a blink… your now extinct
Streets are pandemonium, crazy like Thelonious
That’s why I rock steady speaking truth screaming “erroneous”

You know he's going to bust right
He's going to blast right
He ain't living life
He's just trying to survive like the rest of them
Looks like the street life got the best of'em

[Verse 2]
OD the Wordsmith
Track Name: Take That (Featuring: Applejaxx)
[Verse 1]
I’m from the land of the east oak where cats they boast heat smoke
And crack is the cheap dope and teachers say be mo
The elements thriven, darken horizon
They high off the weed smoke, running from sirens
This friendly ain’t eco, rock your cortex cerebral
Level your ego with a weapon that's lethal
How much do we know when the universe free flow
Are we really that equal or undeniably evil
It’s a t-v show, reality bistro
We feast at the menu and order the beef yo!
The heart is at war now, you hard-to-the-core-now
The engine it roars loud like a thunderous storm cloud
Is there a way back, before we go under
Where's the mind full of wonder and the passion that hungers
Cuz Ima keep searching til' I feel that I earned it
Then say peace to the circus fully making it worth it

[Verse 2]
So fresh to def we keep it going like propa
Smooth manuvers ain’t no one who can stop us
Style like Beat Street strike a pose on concrete
B-Boys, B-Girls rocking so sweet
J7 bring the goods like groceries
Wyling like OCD its OMG
Banging like a dude on 105th , drums are swift
Who can really catch these kids?
Ain’t a myth, truth, check the eng-l-ish
Rock hard like Shawn Carter who can hang with this?
Ain’t this a trip, how we come legit
Ain’t no selling out here we’re labeled independent
Pack a van full of gear until it fits
Put a smile on your face like a Christmas gift
Forget a head trip or a wasteless thrill
Got a style so hot the whole world want to chill
Track Name: Be Myself (Featuring: Veronica Ewings)
I don’t want to be the same
I don’t want to be like
I don’t want to sound like
I just want to be me

[Verse 1]
Ayo, I don’t want to sound like
the same old comparison cuz yo it’s straight embarrassing
That I can’t shine the way that I’m supposed to
Even though I’m working hard day and night with hopes to
Rise above the rough terrain yo aint it strange
When I look into the mirror I can hear your name
Calling me, like I’m supposed to be you
And imitate wait, but no no no that ain’t true
Cuz I got a calling and I know it my chromsomes
Been chasing reached higher feeling all alone
No one to push or forward my momentum
Effected with the venom so I thought it was the ending
So tired of pretending that everything’s ok
Cuz inside I’m falling apart so afraid
Of the failure and all the bad sorts
My hand’s reaching out but like I feel it… cut short

[Verse 2]
I’m so sorry, speak my mind and my sob stories
I just want to be real and have some appeal to your auditory
Cuz I ain’t got bling or material things
I got a family to support and friends who really need me
And apparently I’m battlin’ flesh appoint a cold death
And take a deep breath in the night with slow steps
I’ll make it far if I stay upon the right path
And do the math, reaching out into the lower class
I see that something in my reflection as I’m reflecting
Thinking about the recession as I’m regressing
Regretting, I ain’t got time now
Me and Myself, I know its been a long while
But that voice ain’t haunting me again I guarantee it
I’m chasing after vision till I feel and I see it
So fresh like a filet, no commentary delay
I’m one with the calling now, message fully relayed… relayed
Track Name: Until I Die
[Verse 1]
Who got the goods like your local hot spot?
Hot like some chicken wings hot like a gunshot
Yo! Its your man standing six foot zero
Rockin’ for the Bay, rock like Guitar Hero
…and I don’t got no bling or dinero
This ain’t your typical rap or your single
Turn up your stereo; increase the volume
Hip-hop is back without dude wearing a costume
The truth matters so check this slam-dunk
Perfect for that crossover theme music And One
Yo! This this the jam son
Hands in the air like we holding you for ransom
Lets take it back to that 50 cent ice cream
Or sayin lets jet, or let’s scram, or even bite me
And make it relevant for everybody diggin’ this
Lovin’ life, family, and God guess I’m polygamous

I keep reaching straight for the skies
Speak from the heart and ignore the lies
This is for my people who be on the rise
living that life until they die

Until I die, what
Until I die, hey
Track Name: Thank You (Featuring: Camer1)
[Verse 1]
This one's going out to my dad who passed away
March the 25th is when my life changed
It was early in the AM as I cried by his side
His life no longer here I know my wife can sympathize
My momma felt the same the pain it ran thorough
The vibe split through me like a New York City borough
Yet I rose the next day inspired by my father
To be a better man and write like a scholar
And love my two sons and perhaps have a daughter
Persevere like Nick Kinney, reach higher - go farther
I'm just a shadow now of who I really want to be
and if that's going to change I need to make that man reality
Reach past fallacy and live what's actually
Represent accurately and spit what's factually
All honor and praise that's something passed due
In the memory of pops I wanna thank you!


[Verse 2]